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Overcoming Fear of Crashing

Racers crash. Some get up, dust themselves off and move on. Most of us experience some kind of trauma physically, emotionally and mentally. I get it, my hand is raised with both types of crashes.

As a 10 year old racer, I was always fearful that a track that I was traveling to might have a jump that I needed to jump, but it seemed too far for me. That was just plain fear. As a pro, I’ve had crashes with other pros on simple jumps down the first straight where I found myself backing off when I got close to others.

I’ve coached riders who had bad crashes, got hurt, labeled the crashing event as not being safe unconsciously and were close to quitting racing all together because they couldn’t handle the frustrating fear anymore They would hit their brakes before jumps and it just wasn’t fun to them anymore. It happens.

If you or your rider has any issues with fear of jumping, backing off close to other riders, not feeling safe, and it seems to be a troubling ongoing issue, look no further than to get help directly from Greg Romero as he is trained to deal with these types of issues.

Greg will guid you or your rider to rewrite the fear program that is running in the subconscious mind, overcome any anxiety that comes with the fear of crashing and getting hurt and get you back on the track enjoying riding and racing BMX again!

If you or your rider could get their confidence back, what would it do for their racing?

Greg is a trained Master Practitioner of Neuro-Linguistic Programming, Hypnosis and also is a Master Practitioner of Mental and Emotional Release Therapy (working with business owners and executives to experience and sustain their potential) and has helped out clients with General Anxiety Disorders, PTSD to limiting unconscious beliefs that their not good enough.

How it works.
When you pay the fee, you will receive a form to fill out (via email) and you will pick a time with Greg’s coaching calendar to meet over a Zoom coaching call. Roughly 60-90 Minutes (yes Greg is that fast). And there will be a follow up coaching session to ensure that the programming is working.