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I am Coach Greg Romero - 3x Olympic Coach and I’ve been helping racers perform beyond their potential at The BMX World Championships, and I am happy to share my medal winning performance secrets with you!

"Over the last several decades of World Championship racing, I’ve identified that medal winning success comes with being fully prepared physically, emotionally, mentally and strategically. And those that do not grab a podium, or watch the finals - struggle with because of preparation mistakes...."

The Biggest Mistakes I See With Struggling Racers at Worlds Are Flawed First Straight Techniques, Terrible Track Conditioning And Low Confidence...

✔  Having a flawed 5 Meter starting hill technique that robs you of your maximum power potential...

✔  Not having the courage to create a big clear goal of what you want at the world championships, creating uncertainty, leaving Scotland with uncertain results...…

✔  Not having the proper conditioning to recover quickly between motos, leaving you tired and exhausted to perform in the single elimination rounds…

✔  Not possessing the mental mind state and confidence to compete against unknown racers from all over the world...

✔  Not showing up with your best power potential from the gate all the way to the finish line.…

The Good News For You Is... 

Being World Championship Ready is 

Easy Using My Secret Step By Step System and….


You are literally just minutes aways from removing doubt and having the Worlds winning success you want now!


Understand the biggest thing holding you back is missing a proven World Championship medal winning system (it's worked for my worlds athletes) and……
I am Excited To Give You The Secret Formula To Achieving Your Best World Championship Racing Performance!!!
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With The World Championship Coaching System

You'll Quickly Start To...

Boost your 5 Meter Hill Acceleration Power

Reduce your holeshot time to the first turn

Raise your overall track speed and power

Instantly lift your confidence level

It’s like putting an illegal motor on your bike!

I put the World Championship Coaching system together because I know there are racers just like myself who struggled at the BMX World Championships...

Perhaps this is YOU TOO…


 Not being prepared for the enormities of the race, such as:


  • A Big Fast Starting Hill...
  • Demanding Technical Long Track...
  • Big Loud Crowds & Announcing...
  • Racing Fast & Powerful Riders (you’ve never seen before)
  • Uncertain of How You Will Race the Competition...
  • Uncertain of How You Will Race a Big, Super Challenging Track...
  • Being Tired In Your Motos (due to not having worlds specific fitness)
  • Pressure To Perform Because You've Traveled Far & Spent Thousands of $$$...
  • Having Expectations To Perform Well Without The Preparation To Match It...
and I understand the struggle and frustration that comes with failure to perform at the BMX Worlds.
Having resentment because I realized I didn’t even prepare myself at a world championship caliber level to compete…  
I don’t want you to see you struggle or feel any worse than I did (feeling bitter, mad, dissatisfied, at myself for not putting my best foot forward the way I knew I should… 

After my first world championship experiencing underperformance and bitterness, I went back to the drawing board...

I Analyzed Every Component Of The Worlds Race:


  • Racing Format (I never felt ready getting on the gate)
  • Level Of Speed (the comp was peaking in their performance & I wasn’t)
  • Mental Fitness (level of required focus was overwhelming)
  • Racing Fitness (I felt like I had to race main event intensity every lap, and was exhausted in single lap elimination rounds)
  • Racing Strategy (These worlds racers were incredibly aggressive in their style of racing and battling, especially passing)

I came into the next World Championships with a preparation plan to achieve a medal...

I visualized the success I wanted, went to work, addressing all of my concerns that bit me the year before...
I came back with a medal in the pro class, there were over hundred racers from all over the world!
The preparation strategy worked! I now had a successful World Championship Medal Blue Print that also works for my athletes!
Understand that it’s hard to be successful without a successful plan….

My World Championship Coaching System Will Get You There!

Try It Risk-Free | 60-Day 100% Money-Back Guarantee

And Now, I Want You To Maximize Your Performance At The BMX World Championships...

And in this system, I will be your coach, guiding you to get what you want at Worlds...


 Boosted Confidence

 Peak Power Performance

 Worlds Strategy Skills

 Bullet Proof Track Fitness

Gain An Unfair

Competitive Edge

With Worlds competition getting faster and faster…competition in Scotland will be at an all time high - making it tough to break through…
With my World Championship Coaching System you’ll have the ability to generate Worlds track speed and power…
And have unwavering confidence, so you can handle the pressure of high stakes international competition and be set up for success...

When You Gain Access, Right Away You’ll Get All of My Top World Championship Secrets and Personalized  Step By Step Easy To Follow Training Plan!

Once you begin this coaching system you will quickly start advancing your gate start technique reaction and power, increase your first straight acceleration power and increase your overall speed to the finish line!
This Will Give You A Commanding Advantage Over The Competition!
It’s transformed my Worlds racing experience, it’s transformed my athletes Worlds experience and you may find that It Will Transform Your Worlds Experience

Inside Of This World Championship System... Here Are A Few Of The Secrets You'll Discover...

Inside of My World Championship Coaching System I will be sharing with you 5 important secrets that gives you more speed, more power and more dominating laps!


Here's a sneak peak at what you'll discover inside of my World Championship Coaching System: 

Secret #1:  Identify How To Attack The Worlds Starting Hill and Doing This One Trick That Instantly Improves Your Reaction and Power!
Secret #2:  Discover How To Race The Technical & HARD Race Course In Scotland, and Be Totally Prepared...
Secret #3:  How To Race Against Aggressive International Riders & Put Fear Into Your Competition!


Secret #4:  The TWO Easiest Ways To Win The Lap Before The Drops, EVEN If You Have Low Confidence, I'll Boost It For You...
Secret #5:  How To MAKE ANY GEARING CHANGES Produce More Speed And Power Specifically For The Worlds Track...
Secret #6:  Learn The Secret World Championship Practice and Race Day Routines So You Will Get The Edge On The Competition.


Secret #7:  This MENTAL FOCUS SECRET Will Give You Instant Confidence and Locked in powerful focus even if your current mental strength isn't Bullet Proof! 
Secret #8:  The Two Key Ingredients To Ensure You're Able To Handle The Physical Demands of Racing The Worlds Format.
Secret #9:  How To Hit The Turbo Button For The Last Two Straights And Gain Speed On The Competition.


Secret #10:  The 3-Step Game Plan For Ensuring Your Nutrition Is Dialed On Race Day In Scotland.

What's In The World Championship Coaching System?



  • Proven Worlds Training Plan Customized Around Your Track and Racing Schedule Leading Up To Your Departure to Scotland
  • First Straight Acceleration Workouts to get ahead of the competition out of the gate and the first straight 


  • Track Speed Workouts That Turbo Charge Your Lap Times
  • Step By Step Easy To Follow



  • Track Strategy - You Will Be 100% Confident In Attacking The Track and Racing On It!
  • Race Day Focus - 3 Secrets on How World Champions Execute On Race Day, Even If You're Not Feeling At Your Best!
  • My Three Proven Methods for Warming Up and Cooling Down After Laps So That You're Peak Performance Ready For The Next Lap!
  • The Best Race Day Mental and Emotional Strategy That Wins World Championship Medals



  • Learn The Winning Method and Strategy of Racing Worlds
  • The Three Secret Areas of The Track That You Should Be Focusing On. 
  • The 5 Biggest Mistakes You Need To Avoid At Worlds
  • How To Cheat Code The Worlds Racing Format, and Be Ready While The Competition Is Caught Off Guard.

Get World Championship Coaching System  and Receive Three Incredible BONUSES!

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Bonus #1 Personalized Gate Start Review From Coach G 

"Get Your Gate Dialed For Worlds & Be Explosive!"

Total Value: $497


  • Personalized breakdown of where your gate start reaction, reaction power, and second pedal power can be enhance


  • Comprehensive coaching instructions on how to maximize your gate start power and efficiency potential


  • Gain instant confidence on how to perform a maximized powerful gate start!


  • Get Access to a proven Olympic Medal winning gate start coach



Bonus #2 Winning Confidence Secrets

"This is 1 on 1  Coaching Call With Coach G To Learn How To Supercharge Your Confidence Instantly At Worlds!"

Total Value: $497


  • How my racers gain an Instant Boost of Racing Confidence and Focus and while in the Gate


  • Learn the secrets to winning mental state performance that supercharges your focus instantly (and reduces negative thoughts in your head)


  • The one mental secret trick that works every time easily (places you into a winning mind state - even if you’re always anxious and nervous)


  • This is a Scheduled 1 on 1 Meeting With Coach G (approximately 30 minutes


Get This For FREE When You Enroll In The World Championship Coaching System Today! 

Bonus #3 Goal Achieving Secrets


"Get The Proven Winning Plan To Achieve Your Goals!"

Total Value: $497


  • Get the proven winning plan on how to supercharge your goals, and understand exactly how to accomplish them like an Olympic medal winning athlete


  • Learn this one secret to visualize the exact success you want (even if you can only visualize failure now)


  • Start racing with more motivation, decrease your frustration, and turbo boost your racing performance almost instantly (even if you have tried everything and nothing seems to work)


  • This one daily winning habit that got me to accomplish what no other Pro racer has ever done at the USABMX Grand Nationals (total domination-winning every lap!)


Get This For FREE When You Enroll In World Championship Coaching System Today! 

Try It Risk-Free | 60-Day 100% Money-Back Guarantee

The World Championship Coaching System is for you if…

  • You’re motivated and dedicated to accomplishing your goals in Scotland


  • You want to race at your peak performance without feeling pressure or nervousness


  • Feeling STALE in your first straight performance and are want to turbo charge it just in time for Worlds


  • Frustrated from previous performances at Worlds and don't want to second guess your preparation
  • Wanting to be certain, ready and confident for Worlds

This is NOT for you if…


  • You expect world championship caliber results without a world championship caliber plan


  • If you want to just go have fun and enjoy the Worlds finals from the stands


  • You're not willing to block out time and follow the easy step by step process.


  • Want to continue getting the same results you're getting now. 

See the results my students are getting...

The choice is yours...

Pick whichever version of the system that is right for you!


“Custom Worlds Championship” Training Plan
(12 Weeks)
“Worlds Secrets - Live Calls"
(Four live interactive group calls with Coach G)


“Access to Coach G's World Championship Community Page"
(Bonus Tips and Secrets)


Custom Worlds Mental Confidence Strategy
(1-1 Mental Confidence Prep with Coach G)


“Goal Achieving Secrets” 
 (Win Like a Worlds Medalist!)
One-Time Custom Gate Start Review & Secret Tips From Coach G!  
(Rocket out of the Gate at Worlds!)  




“Custom Worlds Championship” Training Plan
(12 Weeks)
“Worlds Secrets - Live Calls"
(Four live interactive group calls with Coach G)


“Access to Coach G's World Championship Community Page"
(Bonus Tips and Secrets)


Custom Worlds Mental Confidence Strategy
(1-1 Mental Confidence Prep with Coach G)


“Goal Achieving Secrets”
 (Win Like a Worlds Medalist!)
One-Time Custom Gate Start Review & Secret Tips From Coach G!
(Rocket out of the Gate at Worlds!)




We've got the answers...

After Getting The World Championship Coaching System Today, You Can Try It Out For A Full 60 Days.


Use it to maximize your preparation potential...
Stay focused, motivated and show up prepared in Glasgow...
And then, if you're not absolutely blown away with your transformation within 60 days...
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Plus, you can keep all the bonuses absolutely free (including the personalized Gate Start Review from Coach G and mental preparation!)
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