Three Secrets to Faster Lap Times

racing secrets Apr 10, 2023

Lowering your Lap Times

In BMX racing we’re trying to out position each other out for the gate and down the first straight and around the track. Nowadays, we tend to use time as a measurement of feedback as well, and it’s good to understand your times, so you know where you stand against the competition.

In this post, we’re going to reveal three secrets on how to lower your overall lap time, so that you know you have more speed and more confidence…

As a pro, we used to have to do time trials for seeding in an effort to figure out gate selection and despite winning over 100 professional races, I was never a top 5 time trial guy. I just wasn’t, however, I studied and studied on how to lower my lap times because I kept getting it wrong. I knew I was one of the fastest, you don’t win pro race without getting the holeshot, but I learned a few things about lowering my times, and I want to share these secret discoveries with you.


Number One. Gate...

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