Taking Turns Aggressively
Pedaling in and out of the corners is an area of racing that a lot of riders overlook. Push yourself to pedal deep into corners safely and see if you can start pedaling aggressively without hitting your inside pedal on the ground. If you can take corners more aggressive you will improve your overall track speed and potentially prevent others from passing you.

Watching Your Entrance and Exit Turn Lines
A lot of times beginning riders (and some time top pros!) like to drift to the outside going into turns to pick up speed coming out however, you’re taking a risk of letting the inside open to another rider that may pass you. Strategy to taking turns are always overlooked and what I like to coach my riders to do is take the most inside line, as fast as you can without breaking traction. This will be the best line to protect your self from getting passed, which is the first thing to strategize entering the corner. Work with other riders at the local track by leading a rider into a turn and seeing if he can pass you and vice versa. Practice passing riders by entering the turn from the outside to inside, without letting others pass you. Try to get under him as soon as you can by establishing your body or handlebars in front of theirs and visualize that at the end of the corner is a finish line. If you can get in front of them, then you can make them stop pedaling by taking their line. This is the best way to prevent them from passing you back because they will be coming off the highest peak of the turn, exiting with more speed than you. 

Practice on flat ground with a partner, set up some cones, this way you can get more repetition that you could if you were on a BMX track. Additionally, if you can learn to turn on flat ground, executing passes as well, you will do it on a banked BMX turn more effectively and with maximum confidence. Go practice and let me know how it goes. Tweet me @gregromero

Coach Greg Romero

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